Dani Meyer

Dani is a personal trainer and life coach with 27 years of experience.  Her passion in life is to make a difference through exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle.

"Giving others direction in health and fitness is something that I have been doing successfully for almost 3 decades.  Under my tutelage, my clients focus on strengthening their entire body to create a balance.  I focus on movements that are performed on daily basis (functional movements). By keeping your body strong and balanced, you will feel great and will be able to stay active."

Dani's background is in Personal Training and Martial Arts. "I work with all ages and abilities.  I have trained both fitness and bikini competitors, as well as competed in those realms myself.   I am also a second degree black belt."

"I know what it takes to reach goals and guide others in setting and reaching theirs.  My positive outlook and passion for health and fitness has kept me motivated to keep training.  My goal is to help guide people to exercise and feel good!"


Nick Valente

“Enough is NOT enough” is a philosophy I’ve lived by my whole life and it’s a mentality I expect my clients to adopt when they train with me.  My journey started when I was a kid and worked my tail off as a 3-sport athlete: Basketball, Baseball and Football. I have a really competitive drive and I always want to win, and expect the same from my clients. You should want to win and achieve all the health and fitness goals you set for yourself.

To be “healthy” is to be physically fit, mentally conditioned and in a state of well-being.  I hope to help all of my clients overcome any obstacles they may have and achieve these “healthy” conditions with my experience. 

Nick is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), multiple internships and 6 years experience in the industry. Nick has worked with multiple types of people with arrays of fitness related goals, from D1 athletes, to adolescent children, to the average adult. Aside from these credentials, Nick has big plans to further his education in health and fitness for years to come.  

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Freddy Lau

Freddy specializes in sport specific training as well as body recomposition. Freddy has experience with athletes of all ages and skill level, as well as individuals of all ages with no previous training who are looking to lose fat and/or build muscle. Freddy keeps training fun, but always effective.